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My Story 

Rowing has given me opportunities I could have never imagined before joining the sport. Moving away from home to university life, rowing has provided me with a family away from home, with great friendships that will last a lifetime. Rowing has given me the opportunity to excel in academics with its support and structure, and a chance to row in one of the top D1 programs at Rutgers University in the US. I never imagined I would be in a masters program in New Jersey with opportunities to work in the States post graduation. Rowing has taught me many life skills, that hard work and dedication through discipline is rewarded in opportunity, that can be applied to anything I pursue in the future.


I am passionate about design. My work brings a perspective that is driven by what I have learned through this sport, with a passion for women in sport advocacy. Pursuing design as a career is something that I am very excited for as my next chapter after I graduate. I hope to work for a design agency in the New York Metropolitan area where there are many opportunities to grow and learn about the industry. 


To win the Big10 Championship for Rutgers and finish my collegiate rowing career at the NCAA Championships.